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S.J Screwthai

The most specialized in servicing most industries that require domestically produced products can be certified to exact project specifications in Thailand. Modern machines have accurately, fast, and low cost.

Message From CEO

SJ Screwthai is a professional anchor bolt manufacturer. SJ Screwthai manufactures products that object over there comply with various industrial codes such just as ANSI, ASTM, DIN, and JIS. We understand whatever a customer wants, also, to expect from us. We manufacture products that meet our customers, we precise production; we schedule the shipment and delivery of your order for you; finally, customers receive high-quality products. We have widely accepted by state enterprises and the private sector.

We believe that we will not be able to succeed in a short time. We always try to change work processes to keep pace with industry changes. We have introduced modern technology to help in production. We understand and advise our customers before and after the production. Make the products that the customers receive are of high quality and fewer errors. For this reason, many customers trust us; as a result, we have been successful until today.

We promise that we will provide our customers with quality products. We will develop new technologies to produce unique quality products that meet the needs of all departments. We will make the most of the benefits for society; also, we will establish a good relationship with customers like this for a long time.

"Our goal is to grow every year. We want to make confidence in our customers; we have to develop in every area such as human resource management, production process, making a good relationship with customers, and the development of production technology."

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We produce products for the commercial

construction markets, state enterprises, and shops. We specialize in serving those industries that need domestically manufactured products that certified to precise project specifications. SJ Screwthai is a One-Stop Service, we have everything our customers need, including Fastener, Rigging hardware, Made to order, and Fishing industry We are involved in over hundreds of domestic projects. We have always been an excellent advisor to our clients. We do every step with accuracy, and you can check every action.


We inspect the product thoroughly before shipping, protect the goods from the danger that may occur during transportation, arrange a regular delivery schedule.

International standard

Ensuring our customers with the standard ISO 9001: 2015 confirms the standard that we have always maintained, to be confident in the products and services that you will receive.


We have a service team both before and after the sale; we are ready to be a consultant on material selection, product size selection, and product design analysis with customers.

One Stop Service

We have many products such as Anchor bolt, Fastener, Rigging hardware, Fishing tools, and Made to order; we provide products from foundation system to structure.


We are committed to creating a high value of our products by setting challenging goals every year. To seek new ideas and create new things with everyone.


Over 100 people to take care of customers throughout the production. We have a thorough examination of every production process. We are ready to listen to any problems or complaints from our customers professionally. To bring those criticisms to improve their work, customers can audit the work process with legal in every step.

Our Service

S.J Screwthai


We use machines to precisely cut our steel according to the size that the customer ordered. We can be able to cut several pieces of steel per round.


We have strong partnerships with various steel coating companies. These include Hot Dip Galvanizing, Zinc Plating, and more.


We have high-performance threading machines capable of either cut or roll threading, allowing us to ach ieve a level of efficiency that allows us to meet our customers’ needs.


SJ Screwthai provides delivery service; we are happy to schedule the shipment and delivery of your order. We can have your order shipped just about anywhere.


We use both hot and cold bending methods. We have many lists of bending options shape, including L-shape, J-shape, I-shape, and U-Bolts. You can choose specialty bends that can be accommodated based on your engineering.

Quality Control

We have carefully examined the process from taking the order to the finished product by checking separate orders per order. There is an inspection before bringing the product onto the transport truck every time. That is to ensure that customers’ products are accurate and must not be faulty.

What we do

S.J Screwthai

Made to order

High production capacity and modern machines can produce products out of Made To Order for more than 1700 tons per year. Including L-bolt, J-bolt, Stud and U-bolt.


Ready-made fastener products that we stock more than 8000 SKUs to meet the needs of consumers fully. Including Screw, Nut, Rivets, Concrete Anchors, and Washer.

Rigging hardware

Rigging hardware for industrial applications. And construction applications. Including Shackles, Turnbuckles, Eye Bolts, Wire Rope Clips, Wire Rope Thimbles, Lifting Links & Rigging Rings Hoist, Sling, & Lifting Hooks, Connecting Links, Sleeves & Stops and Chain.

Fishing industrial

PVC, EVA buoys for the fishing industry. Lifebuoy SOLAS standard.

SJ Screwthai is a manufacturer of a variety of threaded rod products; many customers are in the commercial construction markets. We are servicing those industries that require domestically produced products that can be certified to exact project.

Major Customer

S.J Screwthai